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About This Site

This is by no means an all encompassing explanation of this site and it’s operations but is here to assist and give a little more information about how it works.


The website ( is open for use to the paintball community of South Africa to have a convenient and easy to use option to buy and sell paintball related items.


It is open for use by individuals in their personal capacity. At this moment in time there is no option for established companies to list their company’s products on the site.

Terms and Conditions of Use

There is no cost involved when setting up an account and the website is free for normal use. Items listed are done so at the discretion of their owners and the price is entirely up to them. PBSALE.CO.ZA is not responsible for the prices listed, nor do we take a portion of the sale. It is important to note that PBSALE.CO.ZA only provides the platform by which users meet and are not liable for any actions that occur as a consequence of its use. You are therefore using this platform entirely at your own risk.

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